Cam Neufeld and Billie Zizi are a father daughter duo whose musical inclinations span a broad

horizon. From Gypsy Jazz to folk to canadian fiddle tunes this duo has traveled as far as Turkey,

Romania and France in search of new sounds. Cam has played his own style of fiddle music in

clubs and festivals across the prairies and around the world.

Cam's daughter, Billie Zizi, had an early start in music playing electric guitar her band "the rotten socks"

at age seven. Since then she has gone on to front her own project as well as backing up her dad is

several others. Billie Zizi finished the Jazz Guitar Program at Grant MacEwan in 2012 and is currently

recording her first solo album.

The richness of traditional canadian fiddle music in proximity to Billie's smoky jazz vocals and quirky

original folk music creates a beautiful and odd pairing of old and new.

The Duo will be travelling across canada as part of Via rails 'Artists on the Rails' in April 2014.